About Us

  As a micro-enterprise seller who just started selling on Amazon this year, our business vision is to sell high-quality, diversified, multi-functional and smart LED lighting products for our customers. we specialized in research, development, manufacture, and marketing in the field of LED lights. It's our priority goal to serve the need of home lighting, decoration, smart home life, and others to our customers.

  Richsing is a trademark that our company applied to Amazon in September 2018. As early as June, we began to sell our first type of SMD2835 LED strip lights on Amazon which suitable for indoor lighting decoration. So far this product have served thousands of buyers on Amazon. It's our expectation to serve more and more buyers in the near future and spreading out our lighting products further. more lighting products are now on the schedule and we can sure you that it will come soon in the next year.

  We would love to hear your voice of our product and make an improvement. if need any help from us don't hesitate to give a call.